010 Editor v8.0 Released (영문)
2017/05/10 (14:45)
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Announcing 010 Editor v8.0

Hello Jihye Lim

010 Editor version 8.0 features a new visual style, new dark and light themes, better support for high-DPI displays, more powerful file and docking tabs, and a new Portable version for USB keys. With a whole range of user interface improvements, 010 Editor is now easier than ever to use. To view the full list of changes see our webpage:

Download 010 Editor for Windows, macOS, or Linux today:


010 Editor is now available in a dark theme (above left) and a light theme (above right). The new visual style has better support for high-DPI displays including new, higher-resolution icons. New themes than be created and existing themes can be fully customized using the 'Theme/Colors' page of the Options dialog. A 'Classic' theme is available for users who prefer the style of previous versions.

Portable Version

A Portable version of 010 Editor is now available for Windows as a separate download (see the download page above). The Portable version can be placed on a USB key and run on other computers without having to run the installer on each computer. Note that with the Portable version no desktop icon is created and no extension is added to the Window's Explorer right-click menu. The same license can be used with the regular and the Portable version (a separate license is not required).

File and Docking Tabs

The File Tabs are now more powerful and feature animated reordering and scroll-wheel support. Additionally the tabs for Docking windows (Workspace, Inspector, and Output Windows) can be reordered and individually pulled off to become separate dockable windows.

File Paths

The Startup page, Workspace and other dialogs now show a list of files as two columns, the first containing the base file name and the second containing the file path. The areas can be resized and the colors can be controlled with the Theme/Colors dialog.

Upgrades and Pricing

If you purchased 010 Editor within the last year you are eligible for a free upgrade to version 8.0; However, if you purchased 010 Editor more than a year ago you will have to purchase an upgrade to use the new version. If you do require an upgrade, the new version can be used as a 30-day trial to see if you would like to upgrade.

The easiest way to determine if you require an upgrade is to click 'Tools > Register' on the 010 Editor main menu. If using 010 Editor 3.0 or later, you should see a line near the bottom that says 'Support/Maintenance (Free Upgrades) Expires:'. If the date listed there is before the official release date (May 3rd, 2017), you will require an upgrade. Note that if you are eligible for a free upgrade, you do not have to obtain a new license and your old license will automatically work with the new version.

To purchase an upgrade costs $39.95 for a commercial license or $19.95 for a home/academic license. Multi-user discounts are available and purchases can be made from our online store:

Older versions of 010 Editor are still available for download from our main download page.

Thanks to all of our customers and it's by your feedback and suggestions that 010 Editor has become more powerful. Please continue to send us your ideas and we hope you enjoy using the new version.

The SweetScape Software Team

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