UE Mac v16.1 (영문)
2016/06/24 (14:32)
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UltraEdit for Mac v16.1:
Now with 100% more duplicate window

Screenshot of UE Mac v16.1

Existing users can get the update now via Help » Check for Updates.

Ever wanted to open two or more views of the same file? Now you can with the new duplicate window in UltraEdit for Mac v16.1. Harness the power of duplicate window to do WYSIWYG-style HTML editing, as shown above, with UltraEdit's built-in browser preview. Or use multiple duplicate windows and a combination of split window to create multiple views of a large log or data file.

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How to use duplicate window for HTML editing and preview

Being able to visually inspect your HTML as you're creating or modifying it can be a huge time saver. Here's how you can do it with UltraEdit.

1) Create the duplicate window.

Click the Duplicate Window button on the main toolbar. You'll now have two file tabs containing the same file identified by filename:1 and filename:2.

Screenshot for step 1

2) Drag one of the tabs to create a split view.

Simply click and drag the file tab towards the right edge of the application. When you see the blue shading appear, drop the file tab.

Screenshot for step 2

3) Enable browser view.

Click the Toggle Browser View button on the main toolbar. You'll now see your rendered HTML in one of the duplicate windows. To update the browser view (to see your latest changes), click the Refresh Browser button.

Screenshot for step 3

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