Remote Desktop Manager 11.5 Now Available! - Newsletter - June, 2016 (영문)
2016/06/09 (10:41)
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47 JUNE 2016


Tips & Tricks

[Updated] Most Popular Password Managers Compared

Let's start doing some digging and take a closer look at some of the most popular password manager applications. Some of the features that we look for in a great password manager are security assessments, random-character generation, and automatic login on your favourite websites.

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Tips & Tricks

Quiz Time! How well do you know your Remote Desktop Manager?

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June Poll: What's your Favorite VPN?

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The Add-Ons Keep Adding On: Say Hi to Wezarp Client!

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Dashlane now integrated in Remote Desktop Manager!

Recently, we realized that we were missing a key player: Dashlane. That just didn't seem right! And so we launched into action, and are happy to announce that Dashlane is now integrated in RDM.

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What's the difference between FTPS, SFTP or FTP over SSH

When starting a conversation about FTPS, SFTP or FTP over SSH, it might quickly get confusing, so I thought I would clear that up and give a little crash course about it!

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May Poll Results: What's Your Favorite Help Desk Solution?

Last month, we asked you to share your favorite help desk solution. We had some great responses on our blog, as well as on our social media platforms. Check them out!

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Creating a Private Vault in Devolutions Online Database

You can use Devolutions Online Drive file (.dod) to store your Private Vault, and then simply connect your Devolutions Online Database to the .dod file.

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