UltraEdit 2022.0 is now available! (영문)
2022/03/31 (10:16)
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Announcing UltraEdit 2022.0

Your favorite editor gets a major refresh
This release is free with your annual subscription to Ultra products. Thank you for trusting UltraEdit.
UltraEdit 2022.0 is now available!
UltraEdit 2022 focuses on the things you appreciate, making them even better.
Over the past few releases, we’ve received feedback and requests to optimize some of the editor’s best features. The UltraEdit team took this as motivation with one goal in mind—a better user experience.
With great excitement, we're pleased to deliver over 200 user-reported or requested enhancements in UE 2022.0, including:
Faster startup speed
New customization options for a variety of tool UIs
Improved Column mode, Macro, Find String List
Optimized tool performance on large files
Adjusted tool response to user input
Plus many maintenance and quality improvements
We think you will be pleasantly surprised to see how these changes give a refreshing feel to the editor.
What's new in UltraEdit 2022.0
  Up to 50% faster startup  
  Up to 50% faster startup 
  Improved macro performance  
  Improved macro performance 
  Run user tools on your remote FTP files  
  Run user tools on your remote FTP files 
  Resizable and dockable tabs and windows  
  Resizable and dockable tabs and windows 
Tour these and the rest of the improvements in 2022.0 at the link below.
Tour 2022.0 changes  ›
New video:
12 ways to get the most out of UltraEdit and UEStudio 2022

Find out how 2022.0 can give you the best coding experience in terms of performance, quality and user experience. Watch now ›
UltraEdit v28.10 UltraEdit 2022.0
A note about our new naming scheme...
Keeping in line with the theme of optimizing things, we've adopted a new naming scheme for our release updates.

Starting with this release, we will be using a year + point version system to standardize our versioning method across all of UltraEdit’s products. It also makes it easier to track release dates and changes.
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