Introducing the new, faster UltraCompare v8.50! (영문)
2013/02/14 (09:18)
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Introducing the new, faster UltraCompare v8.50

Three ways to speed up your compares, guaranteed!


Richard Knott

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To say that UltraCompare is faster is an understatement. As you will note below, v8.5 delivers some of the most dramatic performance gains to date. Compare operations that previously took several minutes now take just seconds to complete!

We guarantee that v8.5 will accelerate your workflow! -Rich




Compare large FTP directories in an instant
No need to wait for your remote directory to download before seeing compare results - FTP folder compare speed has been reduced dramatically with the ability to run a basic folder compare with the directory listing returned from the server!



Make it happen: Go to Options -> Configuration -> FTP and check "Use server file listing for basic folder compare".



Sync folders in a fraction of the time
Need to sync multi-GB folders? UC v8.50 makes it quick and painless with the option to use the basic compare method (name, date, and time instead of file contents) for folder sync scanning.



Make it happen: Go to Options -> Configuration -> Compare -> Folder Sync -> Folder Sync Options and select "Basic (size and date only)" as the compare method.



Get in and out faster with the new "quick exit"
Using UltraCompare as your version control system's merge/diff utility? Make integration even smoother with v8.50's new "quick exit" option, which allows you to dismiss UltraCompare by simply pressing the ESC key. It's a small change that's a big deal!



Make it happen: Add "-esc" to the end of your UltraCompare command line syntax.



What else is new in UC v8.50?



Greatly improved performance of remote folder compare via server directory listing



Basic compare support for faster Folder Sync



New quick exit option for command line



Optionally load file/folder before running comparison



Ability to specify default backup directory



Darker contrast of colors in difference map for easier navigation



Shortcut for switching between compare panes (Ctrl + Alt + S; configurable)



Difference summary added to output/result files



Clear path histories from address bar drop downs



See full list


Plus integration with your other UltraSuite products...



Set UltraFinder to find and resolve duplicates by default



Right click and set directories as Find targets within UltraFinder



Launch an UltraFinder Find Files or Find Duplicates session from your toolbar



Store files in UltraSentry's Digital Locker



Encrypt files in place with UltraSentry



Shred and eliminate files & duplicates


The power of the IDM UltraSuite is now fully integrated in UltraCompare!


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