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2023/01/30 (15:25)
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Get PASS 2023 & NCSS 2023 Now!


We are excited to announce the release of PASS 2023 and NCSS 2023 with numerous new procedures and features.


PASS 2023 provides sample size tools for over 1100 statistical test and confidence interval scenarios - far more than any other commercial sample size software. NCSS 2023 provides a complete and easy-to-use collection of hundreds of statistical and graphics tools to analyze and visualize your data.





What's New in PASS 2023?


PASS 2023 adds 43 new sample size procedures and includes a variety of enhancements.


New and Updated Procedures and Features Include:


     Multi-Arm Treatment vs. Control Tests for Proportions, Means, Survival Curves, Vaccine Efficacy, and Cluster-Randomized Designs (38 new procedures)

     Bioequivalence Tests for AUC and Cmax in a 2x2 Cross-Over Design (Log-Normal Data) (1 new procedure)

     Tests for Two Groups using the Win-Ratio Composite Endpoint (2 new procedures)

     Tests for the Difference Between Treatment and Control Means in a Balanced Single-Case (AB)^K Design with Multiple Cases (1 new procedure)

     Deming Regression (1 new procedure)

     A (Within-Subject Correlation) nuisance parameter input option was added to 4 Two Correlated Proportions procedures

     Paired variable SD's (1 and 2) and Correlation () and/or Within-Subject Population SD () input options were added to 18 paired means and 7 2x2 cross-over design procedures

     Input and/or output presentation was updated in 63 procedures


Program-wide Enhancements:


     Summary statements improved in over 350 procedures

     Documentation improvements in hundreds of chapters





What's New in NCSS 2023?


With new data and analysis tools, NCSS 2023 is more powerful and easier to use than ever before! This new version includes


New and Improved Procedures:


     Curve Fitting - CDF

     Linear Regression and Correlation re-developed to improve the useability of the input and the output

     Meta-Analysis of Two Proportions, Two Means, and Standardized Mean Differences

     Funnel Plots added to the new Meta-Analysis procedures

     Input and/or output presentation was updated in 16 Regression and 4 ANOVA procedures


Program-wide Enhancements:


     All documentation was updated to provide improved readability and consistency






"Ive used NCSS since 1986 and PASS since 1997. The utility, precision, documentation, output and ease-of-use of your products are the best in the business."


- Tim Gohmann, Ph.D.





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