What's New in Visual Assist 2021 (영문)
2021/02/16 (11:31)
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VA New Release
We’re excited about that 2020 is behind us for many reasons. To celebrate that 2021 is here, we’re updating our naming convention to make it easier for you to understand what version you’re on and when you’re ready for an update. So, welcome to 2021.1!! Here are a few of the new features we’ve added. Stay tuned for a detailed behind the scenes blog on the performance gains we’re seeing.
NEW Faster initial Unreal Engine parse.
NEW VA Modify Expression feature.
NEW Code Inspections for performance-inefficient-vector-operation and performance-faster-string-find to help optimize your use of vectors and strings.
NEW If you are using the latest additions to C++ you will notice some new support. We now parse C++20 module (ixx and cppm) files, and our parser and features understand coroutine keywords.
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If you know your way around Microsoft Visual Studio, especially if you know its boundaries, you’ll find Visual Assist to have features you wish were standard in the IDE. This extension makes the IDE phenomenal.
If you're already a fast coder, a wee bit set in your ways, and skeptical of plug-ins and extensions, you'll really appreciate the understated interfaces of Visual Assist. This product doesn't get in your way.
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