ATLAS.ti Newsletter August 2020 - ATLAS.ti 9 OUT NOW! (영문)
2020/09/28 (17:34)
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Welcome to this special edition of the ATLAS.ti newsletter!

Today, we have great news for you: The new generation of ATLAS.ti is finally here--the long anticipated ATLAS.ti 9 for Windows and Mac has now been released. It offers a fresh, wholly new take on your favorite QDA application.

ATLAS.ti 9 combines a completely redesigned, streamlined and optimized user-experience with radical technological innovation. We have listened to and worked closely with our users, and have implemented a whole host of of new tools and feature to make your work ever more enjoyable, efficient, and creative.

Some of the great new features

When you start the new ATLAS,ti 9, you will be greeted by the Welcome Screen. From there you can access all your projects, the ATLAS.ti News, Video Tutorials and Sample Projects, and you can access your personal ATLAS.ti account.

A wholly redesigned Coding Tool allows you to add new codes, apply existing codes, view or remove applied codes, and view comments, all in one place. When merging codes, information about the merged codes is added to the comment field of the remaining code, and so are all comments of the merged codes. This creates a convenient Audit Trail of the merge action.

As you retrieve coded data in the new Quotation Reader, you can not only read and review the quotations, you can also see which codes have been applied, add more coding, remove existing coding, or write quotation comments.

If you have enjoyed working with the Auto Coding Tool, you will notice a big improvement. The entire workflow has been optimized; you can build text search queries using Boolean operators, add synonyms that are suggested by ATLAS.ti, include inflected forms, review all results before coding and see whether some codes have already been applied, code selectively, or auto code all results.

In addition, we added two new tools that help you to find relevant things in your data. Long-time ATLAS.ti users may remember the jokingly-named "Relevant Text Search" button in version 7. Back then it was just a distant dream; now this has become more of a reality. ATLAS.ti 9 brings you AI-based Named Entity Recognition and Sentiment Analysis, machine-learning tools that help you interpret and pre-code your text material. The results are not yet perfect, but AI technology improves quickly, and so will our tools.

Another new feature you will love are the Sankey Diagrams in the Code-Document and Code Co-occurrence Tables. They are a wonderful and super-intuitive way to visualize complex data. - And speaking of intuitive visualization, the table coloring also received a make-over and now includes a Color Map. Its colors change with quotation frequencies--very handy, and accessible in more ways than one, in that they they are also suitably styled for the color-blind.

Among the most-requested features of all are Text Editing, Paragraph Numbering, and Print with the Code Margin, and we are happy to oblige! You can now modify existing texts, including lists and tables, add a new text and type, for instance, your field notes, or transcribe directly in ATLAS.ti. Update content in your document, anonymize sources, correct errors; use paragraph reference when citing a source or discussing it in a team; and output your documents along with the codes you have assigned. All of this is now possible.

Related, Quotation References give you paragraphs as start and end position, and the quotation name is now an extra field and no longer just defaults to the first few letters of a quotation.

If you work with audio/video, you can now export Partial Bundle Files that exclude these multimedia files. This makes project transfer so much easier, and saves valuable storage space. At the target location, ATLAS.ti either finds the videos automatically in the library, or you can re-link them to the project.

In ATLAS.ti 9, Word Clouds and a Scope Option in the query tool are also included in the Mac version. If you like the Dark Mode on your Mac, ATLAS.ti Mac supports it as well.

Finally, the special goody for all ATLAS.ti Windows users: We have turned ATLAS.ti Windows into a full 64-bit version for extra power and speed.

ATLAS.ti Cloud

The ATLAS.ti product family now also includes the Cloud version. You can seamlessly work between the desktop and the cloud version, back and forth. If you have a permanent desktop licence, ATLAS.ti Cloud use will be included for a period of two years.

If you only want the Cloud version, you can now lease it on a monthly basis. Prices are as follows:

• Personalized Student license (30 days): $10 (€9 / £8)
• Personalized Single-User license (30 days):
    • Educational: $20 (€18 / £16)
    • Government/non-commercial: $35 (€32 / £30)
    • Commercial: $50 (€45 EUR, £40)

The ATLAS.ti Account

When acquiring version 9, you register for an ATLAS.ti Account and manage all license-related matters via this account. This gives all single-users more flexibility in terms of the device they are using; and all institutions with multi-user licenses more flexibility in terms of managing seats.

Learn more

If you want to learn more about all of these new features, you find more detail here: What's New in Version 9 . Another great resource is the new searchable online help while working with ATLAS.ti 9. In the Windows version, press F1 anywhere in the app to find out about the currently selected tool. In the Mac version, select ATLAS.ti Help from the Help menu to open the manual at the appropriate page.

ATLAS.ti 9 Video Tutorials

You can access version 9 video tutorials from the Welcome Screen and as usual via our YouTube channel.

With the release, we are publishing a number of short videos that introduce you to the new features. These will be added to systematically in the coming weeks covering all features starting with project setup, adding documents, organizing documents up to working with the query tool and networks.


With ATLAS.ti 9 out now, you will want to upgrade as quickly as possible. Here are the options:

    • Permanent licenses can be upgraded directly online
    • Subscription licenses and eligible student licenses will
      be automatically upgraded and notified after Sept. 21.

If you have purchased or leased any license or upgrade (except semester licenses) after May 1, 2020, it qualifies for a free upgrade (offer ends Dec 31, 2020).

If your v.8 license is older, or your license is for a program version older than version 8 altogether, you can obtain an upgrade to ATLAS.ti 9 for approx. 50% of the new license price. Go to and enter your license key to check on your upgrade status and on pricing for your license.

In conclusion, we sincerely hope you will enjoy the newest edition of ATLAS.ti and invite you to share your experience with us on our social media channels (see below).

Now enjoy!

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