Infragistics Ultimate 19.1 Released! (영문)
2019/05/02 (11:01)
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Infragistics April 2019

Get the Deep Dive on Ultimate 19.1

We've added the newest and fastest interactive grid experiences for Angular & React, and we now offer the most complete spreadsheet and Excel Library across all platforms. With our new .NET Core 3 support for desktops, you can tap into the most modern .NET capabilities.


See What's New in Ultimate 19.1

Our SVP of Developer Tools describes the major new features of 19.1. Angular, React, jQuery, WPF, Windows Forms all have feature-parity in features and functions of the Excel Library. Get all the highlights in a 3-minute read.


You Don't Want to Miss This!

Infragistics' top subject matter experts show all the new controls and capabilities of 19.1check it out now!


See What's New in Ignite UI for React

We've gone all in on React. We've added interactive features to the fastest React data grid. Our new Map control lets you visualize geographic and geo-spatial data. Find out all that's new in this latest release.


Product Downloads
Infragistics Ultimate
Ignite UI for Angular
Ignite UI for React
Ignite UI for JavaScript
Ultimate UI for WPF
Ultimate UI for Windows Forms

Reference Cards
Angular Essentials
Design Systems

Reference Applications
Indigo.Design Budget App
Angular Cryptocurrency App
JavaScript/HTML5 Dashboard
WPF Finance App
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