Dynamsoft Monthly Newsletter - April 2019 (영문)
2019/05/02 (10:56)
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Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 6.5.1 is Released Banner

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader 6.5.1 is Released

Release Highlight:

  • Optimized line scanning algorithm for 1D, decreasing the computation load for character recognition
  • Improved deblur algorithm for 1D, enhancing the recognition rate for blurry/out-of-focus barcodes
  • Improved the accuracy of border location and symbol segmentation for AZTEC
  • DecodeBuffer now supports 48-bit and 64-bit image data

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Mvi Case Study Banner

MVi Chooses Dynamsoft SDK to Auto-Populate Driver's License Data

Located in Salt Lake City, UT, Millennial Vision, Inc. (MVi) has been in business for over 22 years. They provide document management and enterprise content management solutions to credit unions and other financial institutions across the United States and the Caribbean.

MVi selected Dynamsoft's Barcode Reader SDK to scan PDF417 barcodes from driver's licenses. The data from which is then used to auto-populate metadata fields for financial institution applications and forms.

Read the full case study>                              

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