PASS 2019 & NCSS 2019 are Now Available! (영문)
2019/04/17 (16:13)
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We are pleased to announce the release of PASS 2019 and NCSS 2019 with numerous new features and procedures.

What's New in PASS 2019?
With 126 new sample size procedures and 68 updated or improved procedures, PASS 2019 adds and improves more procedures in a single upgrade than ever before. Among the new procedures are those for 
  • Group-Sequential Tests
  • Conditional Power
  • Tests of Mediation Effect
  • Two Proportions
  • Mixed Models Tests
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Regression
  • Bayesian Adjustment
  • Reference Intervals
  • Pilot Studies
  • Two-Part Models
  • Bland-Altman Method
  • One-Sample T-Tests
  • Paired T-Tests
  • Two-Sample T-Tests
  • Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Tests
  • Mann-Whitney U Tests
  • Variance Comparison
  • CV Comparison
For the 3 new group-sequential sample size procedures in PASS 2019, there are corresponding group-sequential analysis and sample-size re-estimation procedures in NCSS 2019.

What's New in NCSS 2019?
With 3 new group-sequential analysis and sample-size re-estimation procedures, NCSS 2019 is more easy-to-use and powerful than ever before. The upgrade includes
  • Group-Sequential Analysis for Two Means with Known Variances
  • Group-Sequential T-Tests for Two Means
  • Group-Sequential Analysis for Two Proportions
  • Mediation Analysis
  • Updated Frequency Tables procedure
  • Updated Correlation Matrix procedure
  • Reference labels for values on numeric axes are now available on all plots
  • New Transformations for Random Sampling, Differencing, and Loess
  • Improved Chart Headings for easier output navigation among plots
  • Windows 10 and 64-bit version performance improvements
For the 3 new group-sequential analysis procedures in NCSS 2019, there are corresponding group-sequential power and sample-size procedures in PASS 2019.

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