Eyeshot 11 released (영문)
2018/02/09 (13:49)
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Eyeshot 11 is ready for you!

Dear Sylvia,

Every release is a big moment, and we’ve spent months on this one polishing these new features to help you deliver great CAD based applications. But we couldn’t have done it without all the users who provided valuable feedback during the Beta. Thank you, your participation is essential!

Eyeshot 11

Here are a few key areas of focus for this release:

Proprietary file format

Eyeshot finally gets its own versioned and extensible binary file format that includes geometry, geometry+tessellation, tessellation only read and write options to leverage file size versus loading speed. Backward compatibility will be guaranteed for reading operations only. File compression is supported as well.

Collision detection

You asked. We delivered. Eyeshot v11 features advanced collision detection using OBB, Octree or accurate intersection.

IFC file import

Eyeshot can now import IFC (and IFCZIP) files with all the relevant properties, containers and hierarchy structures.

Asynchronous regeneration

Regeneration engine now works on a separate thread to avoid blocking the application user interface.

Clipped object capping

During clipping plane edit you can now fill clipped objects with a flat color.

Of course, there are more features and improvements.

As always, we welcome your feedback.


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