The all-new UltraSentry '13 is now available! Plus exclusive intro pricing... (영문)
2012/11/16 (14:02)
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Expand your solution... we have!

UltraSentry '13 released!

UltraSentry Reimagined, Reinvented, and Refined

For years, UltraSentry has been the ultimate file/folder military-grade secure deletion tool. UltraSentry '13 is a re-imagined personal security application designed to provide a complete solution for your data security. UltraSentry '13 includes the same powerful secure deletion functionality as previous versions while adding new features and functionality to secure your most sensitive digital information!

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 What can UltraSentry '13 do for you?

*Securely encrypt files before emailing them to friends or coworkers
*Completely erase Internet histories and temp files so that they are forensically unrecoverable
*Store and securely protect electronic copies of bank / credit card statements - or any important private documents
*Secure a master password list in a text file or Word document
   Limited introductory offer!  
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Eliminate your risk: Use UltraSentry as your secure document management solution.
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The Digital Locker
UltraSentry makes it easy to protect your data. Secure any file or folder by simply moving it to UltraSentry's Digital Locker. Drag and drop any file/folder to your Digital Locker and let UltraSentry protect it for you. After you close your Digital Locker, your data is password protected and encrypted.
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The File Shredder
UltraSentry's military-grade digital File Shredder removes deleted file data by wiping the disk and overwriting the original data a number of times to make it unrecoverable even by the leading digital forensic tools. UltraSentry's File Shredder makes secure deletion and document retirement painless and hassle-free.
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Enhance your internet security
Use UltraSentry to protect your privacy on the internet: clean cookies instantly, keeping only those you want. Manage all temporary internet files and data with UltraSentry's browser cleaner, securely erasing browser histories, auto-complete, error logs, and more.
The Drop Center
Harness the power of UltraSentry without opening the application!

The all-new Drop Center is an auto-hidden quick access menu which anchors itself to the edge of your desktop. Simply hover over the slim tab to expand the Drop Center's menu items.

Quickly shred a document or drop a file in your Digital Locker. The Drop Center makes it easy!
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"WOW! You should have called this SUPER UltraSentry! Incredible features. Excellent layout and appearance!"
UltraSentry: Learn more | Download | Buy now (20% off limited introductory offer expires Dec 1, 2012)
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