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2016/12/01 (16:54)
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Welcome to a new issue of Inside ATLAS.ti. In this issue we update you on what has been going on this fall in terms of software development and the partnerships that we have with institutions worldwide. As ATLAS.ti is growing constantly, we would like to invite consultants, heavy users and resellers from all over the world to get in touch with us to discuss opportunities for partnership, jobs and collaboration.

Further in this issue of Inside ATLAS.ti, we profile two projects that are using ATLAS.ti in their data analysis: one by Sean Pritchard, who used the program to analyze the data of his doctoral dissertation titled Mindfulness and Beyond: A Qualitative Study of Advanced Mahasi Meditators' Experience. The other one is a study in health prevention with farmworkers in California, USA, implemented by the California Institute of Rural Studies (CIRS). Additionally, in this November issue of Inside ATLAS.ti we let you know about the many webinars and courses we offer for the period between November and February 2017.


Jörg Hecker
Director of Business Operations ATLAS.ti




Note on ATLAS.ti 8

As we work on making final necessary adjustments, ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows will be released in early December 2016. Beta testing will also be extended. Once released, ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows will transform your experience as a user of our leading software for qualitative data analysis. An exciting interface, a revamped network tool, new powerful analysis and visualization procedures, and the ability to work with data from Twitter, Evernote, Endnote and other reference management software are some of the highlights of ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows. Video tutorials on ATLAS.ti 8 Windows will be available here at the time of release.


ATLAS.ti Partners with ARSChile

We announce our partnership with ARSChile, a consulting company based in Santiago, Chile, specialized in providing consulting, research and training services to organizations from Chile and internationally, with a particular emphasis in social network analysis. Since its founding, in 2006, ARSChile has implemented more than 140 projects in partnership with governmental organizations, businesses and international entities. In addition to consulting and research services, the company offers courses on methodology and data analysis, social networks, organizational development and communication on Web 2.0. We proudly support ARSChile in their offering of ATLAS.ti workshops, like the one scheduled for November 8 through 29th. For information on this and other courses offered by ARSChile, please contact Angela Díaz, at +56 2 226 96136, We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration opens for ATLAS.ti in Chile and Latin America!


Summer 2017 Week of ATLAS.ti Workshops in the United States

We are happy to announce the Corvallis ATLAS.ti Summer Workshop Series , which will take place in Corvallis, Oregon (USA) in July of 2017. Drs. Susanne Friese, Trena Paulus, Christina Silver and Nick Woolf will co-teach a three-day course on approaches to qualitative data analysis with ATLAS.ti. In this workshop, the instructors will discuss best practices, strategies and tactics for optimum data analysis with the software. Additionally, Ricardo Contreras and Paul Mihas will teach two-day workshops for beginners on ATLAS.ti Mac and ATLAS.ti 8 Windows, respectively. The Workshop Series is supported by the International Institute for Qualitative Methodology (IIQM), the CAQDAS Networking Project at the University of Surrey (UK), and other organizations from the computer-assisted qualitative data analysis field. Corvallis is located in the Willamette Valley, 90 minutes south of Portland, and is the home of Oregon State University and ATLAS.ti Americas. Join us between July 10 and 14 2017 for this unique learning opportunity! Click here for more information and to register.


Best Practices with ATLAS.ti

In this issue of Inside ATLAS.ti, we will give you a preview of ATLAS.ti 8 for Windows. In this article, we will introduce you to the program's beautiful interface, its revamped network tool, and the importation of bibliographic data from reference management software, Twitter data and notes from Evernote.



Case Studies in ATLAS.ti

In this issue of Inside ATLAS.ti, we interview Sean Pritchard, who used ATLAS.ti to analyze the data of his doctoral dissertation titled "Mindfulness and Beyond: A Qualitative Study of Advanced Mahasi Meditators' Experience".

We also profile the study on heat illness prevention conducted by the California Institute of Rural Studies (CIRS). This study assesses risk factors for heat-related illnesses by examining knowledge and perceptions among a broad base of stakeholders including farm workers, farmers, and farm labor contractors.


Learning Resources

ATLAS.ti offers a variety of resources that facilitate the learning of the software.All our learning resources can be accessed here. For more information, please contact us.


Free Overview Webinars

We offer free overview webinars in ATLAS.ti 7 Windows and Mac, in English and Spanish. They are offered at different times, making them convenient to people anywhere. To register for the webinar of your choice, please click here .


Free group introductory webinars

If your organization is evaluating ATLAS.ti, or if you want to introduce it to your students or at a professional meeting, schedule a presentation with one of our instructors. We will be happy to tailor the presentation to your needs. To schedule a presentation, pleasecomplete this registration form . For group demo webinars in Spanish, complete this form .


Premium Training

Our premium training activities include online synchronous and asynchronous courses, face-to-face workshops and and on-demand worldwide. Click here to see the entire calendar of training events currently scheduled. There you may read the course outlines and register for the course of your preference.

This time, we want to highlight the face-to-face workshops scheduled for November till February 2017. If you teach ATLAS.ti courses and would like to list them on our website, let us know.

United States and Canada

·                     February 8, 9 and 10. Qualitative Analysis with ATLAS.ti 8 Windows. Corvallis, Oregon. Click here.


·                     November 28 and 29. ATLAS.ti for Starters. Rotterdam, Netherlands. Evers Research & Training/Erasmus University. Click here.

·                     November 28 and 29. ATLAS.ti for Advanced Users. Rotterdam, Netherlands. Evers Research & Training/Erasmus University. Click here.

·                     November 30. Analysetools. Wedemark, Germany. Qualitative Research & Consulting. Click here. [This course will be taught in German].

·                     November 30. ATLAS.ti 7 Introductory Training Workshop (1 day). Surrey, UK. University of Surrey. Click here.

·                     December 5. Einführung in ATLAS.ti 8. Wedemark, Germany. Qualitative Research & Consulting. Click here. [This course will be taught in German].


·                     December 2. Literature Reviews with ATLAS.ti 7 Windows. Selangor, Malaysia. Click here.

Latin America

·                     November 8 through 29. Curso-Taller Análisis Cualitativo con ATLAS.ti 7. Santiago, Chile. OTEC ARSChile Formación. Click here.


A shout-out to the ATLAS.ti community...TALK TO US!

To support our ever increasing number of users worldwide, we invite you to contact us to discuss opportunities for partnership, jobs and collaboration. We are inviting consultants, students, trainers and resellers to partners with us. Just send us an email or call us at any of the numbers listed here.


Talk to Us!



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