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2016/10/28 (11:03)
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Highlights from IDM Computer Solutions
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Coming soon: UltraEdit with native Unicode
and greatly improved code page detection!
UltraEdit's next release will include some transformational changes to encoding detection and Unicode handling, thanks in large part to the completely refactored code base in the v23 series.

Initial beta team feedback on the all-new fully-native Unicode version of UltraEdit has been very encouraging. Our beta testers have reacted with excitement to the ability to input Unicode in all areas of the application, including templates, find/replace, macros, tag list, and more, as well as the improved handling of file paths containing Unicode characters.

But we've gone further than just full Unicode support. The next release of UltraEdit will now feature some of the best encoding / code page detection available in any editor, period.

Working in Russian, Chinese, Greek, etc…? Our modern architecture taps into OS font substitution calls so that you don't have to worry about fiddling with font/script settings ever again. That means you can open any ANSI file in a different code page – Russian, Chinese, Korean, Greek, etc.– and UltraEdit will set the correct code page, font, and script for you automatically.

We guarantee that those of you who deal with different languages and encodings will be absolutely thrilled with this update!

It's not too late to get your hands on the beta! If you're interested in checking out these exciting new changes in UltraEdit, sign up for the beta using the link below.

Click to sign up for UltraEdit beta testing

UltraFTP: Receiving good marks in beta

We're thrilled with the feedback we've received from our beta team on our new FTP client UltraFTP. We've gotten consultant-grade feedback on what users want in a modern, commercially supported FTP application...and we are busy implementing this feedback!

For example, we plan to introduce drag-and-drop support so that you can transfer your files to and from your FTP server by simply dragging them in and out of Windows Explorer. UltraFTP will also support seamless integration with UltraEdit and
UEStudio so that you can open from UltraFTP, edit in UE, and then save back to your server. We also plan to add "Back" and "Forward" buttons for remote server browsing and a "Test" button for new account setup. Several other exciting enhancements are scheduled as well. Stay tuned!

If you work with FTP frequently, we'd love to get your feedback. Use the link below to sign up for UltraFTP beta testing and let us know what you want to see in an FTP client!

Click to sign up for UltraFTP beta testing

All Access: now only $79.95 a year!

Click to get IDM All Access for only $79.95/yr Here's some good news! IDM's popular All Access subscription license, which entitles you to every application IDM publishes on all platforms (and UltraFTP once released), has dropped to $79.95/year!

That's right, a lower price for a greater value! We are pleased to make this announcement as a result of the popularity of All-Access and the value users enjoy.

All Access includes UltraEdit and UltraCompare for Windows, Mac, and Linux, plus UEStudio, UltraFinder, UltraSentry, and UE/UC mobile for Windows.

For those that want to stay current, never pay for an upgrade, enjoy the powerful integration options of our products and the total file management solution they provide, the All Access license is the solution for you.

Want even more value? Your personal subscription includes up to 5 unique installs of all products!

Click to get IDM All Access for only $79.95/yr

UltraEdit now includes UltraCompare Professional at no extra cost

   Click to upgrade UltraEdit/UEStudio This year marks the end of a 3 year transformation of IDM products. In that time, we have grown our development team and support staff to accommodate our growing user base and product offering.

The result: a completely transformed suite of products unsurpassed in the industry. IDM products showcase modernized framework, UHD 4k/5k resolution, native 64-bit, native Unicode support, split second performance, new Win/Mac/Linux versions and best of all –
commercial support!

At IDM, we understand being the world’s leading solution provider includes understanding the world’s economy. In an effort to provide the best solution at the best value in the industry, UltraEdit/UEStudio will now come with a license of UltraCompare Professional at no additional cost. We are essentially providing a free UltraCompare Professional license with any purchase of UltraEdit – a $50 value! Free.

As you may already know, UltraCompare Lite is already fully integrated into UltraEdit and offers basic text compare operations. But UltraCompare Pro is sold as an optional stand-alone program. Recognizing that the vast majority of those using a text editor need a change management solution… and with such a high percentage of our users already using UltraCompare Pro in conjunction with UltraEdit – the decision to package the pro version with the all-new UltraEdit was an easy one.

Now anyone that buys UltraEdit (or UEStudio) will enjoy the benefits of integrated file/folder/binary compare operations as well as sync and merge – all key features in managing text editing changes...free.

Click to upgrade UltraEdit/UEStudio
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