DHTMLX News: Best of Summer 2015, Scheduler and Gantt with Firebase and More (영문)
2015/09/16 (09:42)
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Hello DHTMLX Developers!

We love sharing new tutorials, tips and updates, and last month wasn't an exception. Below you'll find a brief reviews of our latest news. Enjoy!

firebase and dhtmlx
Real-time apps with Firebase and DHTMLX

Two Firebase adapters are released: one for dhtmlxScheduler, another for dhtmlxGantt. It means that now it's much easier for you to create real-time applications with Gantt chart or event calendar in it.

How does it work: the changes that were made in your application will be sent to the server and then sync with all users of your app. Those users who are offline will get these changes when their app regains connectivity.

See more details and get free adapters now
Hot news from the Blog

You'll be glad to know that we've improved dhtmlxConnector for PHP and let it perfectly work with the latest versions of the most popular PHP Frameworks.

Besides, Suite, Gantt and Scheduler docs are available in PDF now, so you can read it offline.

And also you're welcome to check our summer digest that includes all news and updates that were released during June - August, 2015.

1. Updated PHP Connector and Laravel support added
2. Gantt, Scheduler and Suite docs available in PDF
3. DHTMLX Summer 2015 Highlights - Top News
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