New NCSS 10 Release Provides Over 60 New Statistical Tools (영문)
2015/02/16 (11:14)
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Upgrade to NCSS 10 Now!
NCSS 10 is packed with over 60 new statistical procedures, plots, tests, and data manipulation tools, including:
  • Non-Inferiority, Superiority, and Equivalence Tests for Means and Proportions
  • New and Improved Quality Control Charts
  • Improved Michaelis-Menten Curve Fitting
  • Deming Regression
  • Cochran's Q Test
  • Box-Cox transformations
  • Bland-Altman Plots
  • Normality Tests
  • Cumulative Incidence Group-Comparison Tests
  • 3D Bar and Line Charts
  • Regression Surfaces in 3D Scatter Plots
  • Runs Analysis
  • Probability Plots
  • Enhanced Data Stacking and Unstacking Tools
  • and much, much more...
Visit our website for more information about all the new features available in NCSS 10 and for upgrade pricing.

Watch a short video that takes you through a simple example to demonstrate how easy it is to perform a statistical analysis with NCSS 10.

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